The term ‘glamping’ is synonymous with experiencing luxury in the great outdoors. However it is a term that covers a whole variety of accommodation! So how do you know which abode is right for you? North Yorkshire’s Camp Katur glamping village has a variety of options to choose from and here is a taste of what’s available. Which one is right for you?


They may look like they landed from space but these futuristic structures are a great way to get back to nature! Insulation keeps guests warm and cosy whilst the clear panels make them bright and light inside, as well as providing views of the surrounding landscape. Geodomes at Camp Katur feature their own kitchenette and bathroom and can sleep up to 4 people, making them a great option for small groups and families.

Hobbit Pods

TheseGlossy Glamping Magazine quaint wooden structures offer a home from home featuring proper beds (often bunk or foldaway) and are a cosy alternative to a traditional 4 man tent. With mod cons such as gas heaters you are sure to be warm and comfortable no matter what side of the bed the British weather wakes you up on!


Glossy Glamping MagazineThese stunning structures see traditional methods from pioneers and nomadic tribes from around the world meet with futuristic design. Offering a spacious abode they are a great option for younger families who want to strike a balance between modern convenience and the outdoor experience.

Camp Katur glamping village is also home to the UK’s only 360 clear dome unidome, which is perfect for those seeking adventure! Tucked away in the woodland, the clear dome offers panoramic views and are a perfect place to observe nature. Guests can cosy up with the sumptuous sheepskin rugs and twinkling fairy lights, relaxing under a canopy of stars.


Glossy Glamping MagazineGet back to nature, native American style in a teepee. These structures were originally used by the native tribesmen of the Americas, with conical shape keeping the tent warm in cold weather and cool in the heat of summer. They can sleep up to 6 people, making them a great choice for small groups but the authentic look and feel of a teepee makes it a perfect option for a romantic getaway where you are whisked away to another era! And to reassure the faint-hearted – modern day teepees are made using canvas as opposed to the traditional animal skins!

Bell Tents

Glossy Glamping MagazineThe younger sibling of the teepee, the bell tent shape means they are naturally bright and airy, offering plenty of space for up to 5 guests and are perfect for spending lazy summer days in the heart of the rolling countryside.

Safari Tents

Glossy Glamping MagazineThese spacious structures offer multiple areas under one roof. Safari tents are the height of luxury, featuring a separate bedroom area with a kitchen, dining and lounge area making them an ideal choice for family or group holidays. Safari tents at Camp Katur also feature en-suite facilities and are adapted for wheelchair user access. They are a great option for multigenerational holidays.


How else can you experience luxury in the great outdoors?

Glossy Glamping MagazineThere’s nothing quite like an English summer evening and when the weather is good you want to make the most of it. Camp Katur glamping village also offers a stunning eco-spa with an outdoor hot tub and sauna, offering the ultimate relaxing experience, rain or shine.

Similarly, Camp Katur features a Finnish BBQ hut, ‘Grillkota’ tucked away in the woodland. This indoor BBQ experience means you can enjoy a gourmet experience right in the heart of nature!

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