It would be very hard indeed not to fall in love with Canonici di San Marco, which is located near Venice, Italy – so much so, that we just had to write an article about it!

Now safari tents are already in my opinion, amazing…but Canonici di San Marco have taken them to the next level! Partly this must be down to how the owners decorated their tents with the many upcycled and transformed “treasures” from their trips around the world…the result: homely yet incredibly luxurious.

The setting – golden wheat fields, orchards and waterways of a seventeenth century villa, simply breathtaking! And the tents aren’t small either! Two of the tents measure 40 square meters and then there are two larger tents both measuring 60 square meters, so you have plenty of space to relax in!

The pictures tell the story best, so behold – the glamping at Canonici di San Marco!